Maximiles Panels provides online survey respondents for some of the world’s largest research companies. We are able to target our panellists based on highly accurate transactional and behavioural data, as well as bespoke qualifying “quick polls”. All of our panels are operated in accordance with ESOMAR guidelines for the best practice for online research. Our panellists are highly engaged with the programme, giving industry leading response rates

Maximiles panels in figures

  • 7 propriety panels across Europe (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland)
  • Vast network of trusted suppliers giving us true global coverage
  • Over 1.8 million qualified panellists across Europe


Our strengths

  • Sample provided from a huge pool of respondents meaning our panellists do not suffer from “survey fatigue” which in turn benefits data quality.
  • All members have double opted-in to receive survey invites
  • Our panel management means that our respondents are engaged over the long term, allowing tracking studies to be conducted over many years
  • Panellists can be selected based on both transactional and behavioural data, as well as bespoke qualifying quick posts. Poll data allows us to reach the most niche target groups
  • Reward points awarded to members in real time – setting us apart from the rest of the industry and giving us highly engaged, responsive panellists
  • An experienced and professional team who can quickly provide support and advice according to your needs
  • Projects can be delivered within industry leading times. We also support projects that require management outside of traditional office hours

How it works

  • Survey invitations are sent to selected panellist via email. 
  • Members are awarded with Maximiles rewards points for attempting and completing surveys. 
  • We are also able to reward members with any white label currency on our client’s behalf.  
  • The cost is based on required number of completed surveys, subject and the expected exclusion rate. 

For more details about our market research services and a free quotation contact our panels team.

Maximiles Ad Tracking

Through using permission based cookie tracking technology, we are able to monitor our panellist’s exposure to online banner ads. We can then survey panellists who have been exposed to the banner ad and those who haven’t (control group) to assess:

  • Verification of total impressions delivered for the campaign
  • Demographic information on who is viewing the banner
  • Which ads are delivering the most value and subsequently where there is a waste in media spend – increase ROI
  • Value to the client beyond the click. Does exposure to an advert:
  • Increase the likelihood of a consumer visiting the brand’s website
  • Increase the favourably a consumer views the brand
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Increase in-store sales

We currently have Ad Tracking Panels in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.


For more details about our ad tracking services and a free quotation contact our panels team.

Maximiles Mobile

Smartphone and tablet development has drastically changed how people wish to be communicated with. Rather than the PC, consumers increasingly view their smartphone as their central point for communication – like a dashboard for organising their lives.

Having access to a large, responsive mobile panel allows you to conduct qualitative style research on a quantitative scale. Mobile surveys utilise the full range of the smartphone features:

  • Respondents take photos, videos – giving a rich insight
  • Verification of a respondents location – time stamped for further precision
  • Scanning of QR codes or bar codes
  • Invites to be sent, based on GPS tracking of the individual member
  • Panels available in both UK and France


The Maximiles app allows members to register to receive surveys via their smartphone or tablet. The technology allows the launch of surveys in a number of different ways, including

  • Push notification
  • Email Invite
  • Geo-targeting
  • Geo-fencing

For more details about our mobile services and a free quotation contact our panels team.